Bob Berg New Titanium Series
* Higher Refractive index than a Diamond
* Most beautiful and vibrant natural colors which can never be achieved by plating
* Resistant to corrosion, salt water and extremely durable.
Element 22 - Most unique element in our galaxy
* Fastest trend to the Future in the Western Industry of Trophy Buckles. Luxury awards for the Champions
* Limited to 3 lightly plated colors:
Yellow - Red - Green
* Due to corrosion and wear off within 6 to 12 months
* The electro bonding between the copper and the plating material is not reliable or durable over long periods
* Common metal for common usages and nothing extraodinary

Named after the Titans, Greek Gods of myths, the unique element in the Galaxy really shows that it's the real metal of the Gods.

Titanium was forced in the depths of supernovas, or collapsing stars, it is extremely unique. Well-known for corrosion resistant and is particularly strong but lightweight. Titanium is used in airlines, medical and jewellery industry.

The natural occurring colors from light rays radiating from the depths of titanium are far more crystal clear with an iridesence of radiating lightwaves that can not be duplicated in our modern age. Titanium has a higher refractive index than a natual diamond. This explains the vivid clarity of colors of this galactic element 22 - Titanium

Iridescence is an optical phenomenon of surfaces in which color structures refraction changes with the angle of observation and the angle of illumination
With the brand new established studio, Bob Berg Designs has created the most sort after innovation in the Western trophy buckle industry over the USA. His new Titanium series way far surpassed all competitors with the beauty and long lasting character. This promising product will give you the experience which you have never ever had from anything else and you will never be able to look at the old bronze, silver or gold buckles the same way again.

Bob Berg Designs is now growing into two areas,
regular plated buckle and the high end Titanium series.